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IT Vizion Event: Seeq Lab, Lunch and Learn

Budapest, June 2023 – IT Vizion Event: Seeq Lab, Lunch and Learn.

To be an “analytics driven” organisation, you need to equip your operations and engineering workforce with a self-service analytics platform…

This was just one of the statements we heard when more than 60 engineers from a wide variety of industries attended IT Vizion’s inaugural Seeq analytics event in Budapest.

The event provided engineers and industry leaders with first hand experience of how Seeq’s advanced analytics platform can quickly deliver a step change in their operations.

Following an award session to the winners of the University Seeq Hackathon competition Morgan Bowling kicked off the event with an introduction to Seeq and Morgan explained how Seeq’s versatile self-service analytics platform enables data scientists, engineers, and operators to extract valuable insights from their data, enabling them to make informed decisions, optimize processes and solve emerging operational issues before the issues exacerbate and impact production plan fulfillment.

What happens when engineers use Seeq for time series data analytics

Mr. András Buti, the leader of MOL Duna Refinery’s Automation & Process Intelligence team, answered this question with an engaging presentation that highlighted the transformative impact of Seeq’s advanced analytics capabilities on MOL Group’s operations. 

András shared real-world Seeq use cases from different downstream assets where Seeq empowered the team to drive efficiency, optimize processes, and improve overall refinery performance.  András explained how MOL evaluated Seeq and the lessons learnt from the deployment and some of the quick wins as the platform was expanded across the downstream assets of MOL.

The presentation served as a compelling testament to the effectiveness of Seeq in real-world scenarios.  With each use case having a tangible outcome and business benefit.  Thank you to András and a copy of the presentation can be obtained by contacting us here.

Seeq Lab & Learn with IT Vizion’s experts

Dr. Mate Haragovics is a certified Seeq engineer and Instructor and Mate delivered a short masterclass in how to use Seeq to identify, build and deploy golden profiles for historical and work in progress data flows

Golden profiles, in the context of Seeq Analytics, are essentially benchmark models or standards that represent optimal or desired operating conditions for a specific product, batch, transition, machine startup or process startups. These profiles are typically created based on mining historical data with Seeq’s conditional event and pattern searches, and of course, baking in expert knowledge.  The profiles then serve as reference points for comparison and analysis.  

  • Performance Monitoring: Golden profiles can be used to monitor the performance of a product or process in real-time. By comparing the current operating conditions with the established golden profile, any deviations or anomalies can be quickly identified. This allows for timely intervention and corrective actions to be taken, preventing quality issues before they escalate.
  • Root Cause Analysis: When a quality issue arises, golden profiles can be used to conduct root cause analysis. By comparing the profiles of faulty or substandard products with the golden profile, analysts can identify the specific variables or process parameters that deviate from the desired conditions. This information enables targeted investigations and adjustments to rectify the underlying causes of the quality problem.
  • Optimization and Process Improvement: Golden profiles can serve as a basis for process optimization and continuous improvement efforts. By analyzing the relationships between various process variables and the quality outcomes, organizations can identify opportunities for optimization and set new targets to align with or surpass the golden profile. This iterative approach helps enhance product quality over time.
  • Predictive Analytics: Once a robust set of golden profiles has been established, they can be utilized for predictive analytics. By analyzing real-time data against the golden profiles, it becomes possible to forecast potential quality issues before they occur. This proactive approach allows organizations to take preventive measures, such as adjusting process parameters or conducting maintenance activities, to maintain product quality at desired levels.

New Friends, New Value from data, a new way forward.

In conclusion, the Industry event held in Budapest, hosted by IT Vizion, was a resounding success. Over the course of the event, attendees had the opportunity to delve deep into the world of advanced data analytics and gain valuable insights into optimizing plant operations with sessions loaded with real-world Seeq analytics examples.

The conference served as a platform for knowledge exchange and networking, fostering meaningful connections among experts and professionals from various industry sectors in Hungary. Through engaging presentations, interactive workshops, and lively discussions, participants not only expanded their understanding of Seeq Analytics but also discovered new strategies to enhance efficiency, improve decision-making, and drive innovation within their organizations.

The event highlighted the transformative power of data analytics in unlocking hidden patterns and trends, enabling plant engineers to make informed decisions and drive continuous improvement. By harnessing the capabilities of Seeq Analytics, attendees gained a competitive edge, empowering them to identify operational inefficiencies, reduce downtime, and optimize resource utilization.

Lastly, we express our sincere appreciation to all the attendees whose active participation, insightful discussions, and collaborative spirit made this event a great success.  We believe that the knowledge gained and connections forged during this conference will have a lasting impact on the attendees’ professional journeys, and we look forward to witnessing the positive outcomes and advancements that will result from this collective effort.

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