CIPO software is a secure, flexible, and scalable automation platform for modernizing applications and digitizing manual processes. CIPO is not restrictive. Therefore, it grows as it addresses many business use cases across departments. Sample use cases include:

  • Document controls and management
  • Standardized and controlled field data collection
  • Project schedule integration and monitoring
  • Workflow automation
  • A digital signature
  • KPIs and metrics
  • Advanced reporting and analytics using the embedded Power BI.

If you manage data in Excel or use outdated applications, let IT Vizion demonstrate how CIPO can optimize tracking, integration, and reporting, allowing you to enforce business rules in data collection and reporting quickly. 

CIPO in Construction (Use Case)

cipo cloud

CIPO provides a ready-to-use solution that can meet the requirements of most construction owners. This allows for a swift implementation and deployment, with full operational capability within days.

CIPO encompasses a ready-to-use solution that caters to the requirements of most owner agencies. As a result, it can be fully operational within a matter of days, enabling swift implementation and deployment.

CIPO can accommodate projects of any size, from small initiatives to large multi-billion dollar programs. It is highly flexible and can quickly adapt to meet your specific requirements.

CIPO’s user interface is modern, intuitive, and consistent, minimizing the learning curve for all users. With its user-friendly design, users can quickly familiarize themselves with the software, enhancing productivity and efficiency throughout the organization.

IT Vizion is the OT/IT system integrator of choice for some of the largest Oil&Gas, Chemicals, and Manufacturing companies worldwide.

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