Siemens XHQ has been utilized by over 175 refineries, more than 100 upstream operations, and in excess of 350 petrochemical plants worldwide to maximize value from their existing IT investments. Without a doubt, our architects and engineers are industry leaders and pioneers in operational intelligence, providing reliable solutions that stand the test of time.


IT Vizion is Siemens’ first and most experienced XHQ Solution Partner, serving clients globally. This partnership is based upon IT Vizion’s unique product knowledge, domain expertise, and demonstrated competence in providing end-to-end lifecycle management for XHQ Solutions, which includes architecture, deployment, managed services, upgrades, and ongoing maintenance.

✓ Solution Architecture

✓ Solution Development

✓ XHQ Trainers

✓ XHQ Solution Support

As an XHQ customer, who is taking care of your solution and users?

We aim to prevent problems from impacting your business, but when they do, you can count on us to solve them quickly. IT Vizion has assembled some of the brightest minds and pioneers in Operational Intelligence with advanced knowledge of the Siemens XHQ platform. We use this intimate product knowledge and our implementation expertise to provide a high-quality solution support service at a fixed cost.

Let us be your safe pair of hands and get the most value out of your integrated operational data.

What should you expect?

With our service, you no longer have to wait for issues to manifest in front of your end users. We have developed a set of applications that automate the health monitoring of your systems and remove the burden of manually checking all those log files on all those servers. Our proactive approach to solution support means we can identify and address emerging issues before your user community is affected. We understand that your data is critical to decision-making and that the high availability of integrated data is essential. Therefore, we offer enhanced solution support to ensure your critical business systems are always monitored.

Health and Performance Monitoring
Support on Technical Issues
Automatic Analysis & Reporting
Proactive intervention for issue resolution

Learn from the experts!

IT Vizion is the first and most experienced XHQ Solution Partner. Our engineers and consultant trainers have worked on real-world XHQ projects and know how to get the most out of the solution. We run courses throughout the year, either onsite or delivered from our Center of Excellence location in Timisoara, Romania, or onsite.

XHQ Vizion Apps

Vizion WATCH


Proactive Solution Monitoring

  • Mitigate unexpected system outages and minimize surprises
  • Proactively detect emerging issues before end-users encounter them
  • Diminish data quality problems
  • Instill greater user confidence
  • Effortless installation on the server
  • Intuitive interface to monitor all potential issues
  • Utilize your existing IT monitoring infrastructure and tools to monitor system health
  • Hierarchical view of XHQ cache collections

Vizion PACKS

vizion packs

Domain Starter Pack

  • Establish connectivity with your current data sources
  • Configure and Deploy
  • Offer a set of initial refining modules for fast application deployment
  • Achieve value in a short timeframe


Vizion BOTS

Simplify and Standardize XHQ Performance Testing

  • Vizion BOTS simulates multiple simultaneous user sessions, allowing you to assess the performance of your XHQ systems.
  • Streamline XHQ performance testing
  • Detect performance regressions between different versions
  • Execute repeatable and standardized tests for comparing view load versions
  • Conduct stress tests on XHQ Created by IT Vizion’s team of XHQ experts


config machina

Simplify XHQ Model and configuration analysis

  • Complex enterprise operational intelligence and data visualization solutions made simpler
  • Dedicated tool designed by experienced engineers
  • Simplifies management, support, and usage of solutions