Siemens XHQ

Since 1999, Siemens XHQ has been used by 175+ refineries, 100+ upstream operations and 350+ petrochemical plants worldwide to maximize value from their existing IT investments. Our architects and engineers are leaders and pioneers in Operational Intelligence and deliver reliable solutions that stand the test of time.

Maximize data value from your existing IT investments

IT Vizion is Siemens’ first and most trusted XHQ Solution Partner, serving clients globally. This partnership is based upon IT Vizion’s unique level of product knowledge, domain expertise, along with a demonstrated competence in providing end-to-end Lifecycle Management for XHQ Solutions. Including architecture, deployment, support, upgrades, and ongoing maintenance.

Siemens XHQ in Upstream

Siemens XHQ in Refining

Siemens XHQ for Fleet Management

Employees in your company make thousands of decisions every day…

IT Vizion solutions help ensure your employees have the data and information they need to make the best decisions, which, in turn helps your company to continuously improve and pursue operational excellence.

The XHQ Operations Intelligence solution is designed to extract and aggregate data from a variety of information sources (including ERP, data warehouses, databases, documentation, process historians, as well as automation information repository), and then present it on an intuitive, transparent platform. Additionally, the information can be displayed in various representations, from charts to live data streaming, representing the exact situation on which a critical decision is to be made. Therefore, operators always have the big picture when they need it and they can always access up-to-date information in time to act.

With our partnership’s focus on business value and Customer success, IT Vizion harnesses proven methodologies and tools to be your trusted single-point-of-contact advisor, for all things Siemens XHQ.

Our Siemens XHQ capabilities

  • Siemens XHQ Product License and Services Sales
  • Architecting XHQ Solutions
  • XHQ Consulting, and Needs Assessment
  • XHQ Content Development
  • XHQ Solution Optimisation
  • XHQ High Availability
  • XHQ Deployment (multi-site or global)
  • XHQ Upgrade and Migration Services
  • XHQ Solution Testing
  • XHQ Solution Documentation
  • Siemens XHQ Solution Monitoring, Support, and Administration
  • XHQ Training

Get to know us!

Did you know that IT Vizion is the first Siemens XHQ Solutions Partner worldwide?  Siemens XHQ provides a framework to bring your data sources seamlessly together without disrupting your existing IT infrastructure. Ensure you work with the right partner to fully maximize its benefits. Work with IT Vizion.