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Canary offers a fully pre-integrated software system that is out-of-the-box ready, drastically cutting deployment times to just days or weeks. All data collection tools provided by Canary are unlicensed and free. The system features flexible architectures that conform to both standard models and newer broker-centric formats. It employs NoSQL technology in its database, ensuring high performance with 1.5 million updates per second for writing values and 2.5 million reads per second for queries.

As a comprehensive enterprise solution, it includes site and enterprise applications with DMZ proxy servers and scales to allow for unlimited tag historian servers, supporting millions and millions of tags. The system also includes Axiom, a trending, dashboarding, and automated reporting tool built in HTML, which facilitates ‘self-serve’ report building. Canary’s pricing is extremely affordable and public-facing

What is the Canary system?

Step 1:

Collect and store your data

►Canary Collectors

►Store & Forward

►Canary Historian

Step 2:

Assign your data context

►Virtual Views

►Calculation Server


Step 3:

Maximize your operation


►Excel Add-in

►Publisher & Connectors

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