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Refinery PI System Upgrade


IT Vizion was contracted to upgrade the Refinery Information Management System. Per the contract, IT Vizion delivered software services onsite and remotely from the IT Vizion Delivery Center in Timisoara, Romania.

Refinery Application Support Services


IT Vizion is helping another industrial company have access to all the data and information they need to manage and improve complex industrial operations, but also provide support services to ensure high reliability of the data systems.

The service offered to this specific company covers refinery applications including Siemens XHQ for Operational Refinery Intelligence. 

Refinery PI System, Siemens XHQ and Vizion OE


The challenge this organization had was that information was scattered in silos, developed around specific applications and functions. The solution that IT Vizion worked on was a Digital Transformation program with PI AF as the master data model / broker, which resulted in a simplified business process and sustainable transformative business value.

Refinery Operational Excellence Application

Learn from the former Head of Operational Excellence at BAPCO how XHQ & VizionOE are used to help deliver Operational Excellence.

Pharma Innovation collaboration


IT Vizion worked with Roche and Think Biosolution to explore the use of data and disease-specific, early warning scores to aid preventive oncology.  Unfortunately,  the likelihood of relapse in non-small cell lung cancer patients is high and remote monitoring of patients to provide earlier warning of relapse will enable earlier treatment for better patient outcomes.

Seeq Analytics - Certified Partner


IT Vizion is a global digitalization, IT services, and a Systems Integration provider. We deliver Managed Services (ITSM) & Operational Technology (OT) solutions across all industry sectors. We help our customers achieve operational certainty with proactive services and a team that understand your data and care for your business needs. As experts in IT, Operational Intelligence and Data Analytics, we help our clients become more profitable by integrating people, data and systems.

Real-Time Data Foundation


IT Vizion helped with major new improvements for Oil Field surveillance and analytics. A 24/7 view of field operations using visualized data, trends and alerts. These dashboards identify pain points for pro-active attention and decision making to improve productivity and field efficiencies.

Intelligent Immersive Manufacturing for Pharma


This project’s goal, the digitisation lab, was to bring the digital age to manufacturing.

This was a collaboration with leading tech companies, both those familiar with pharmaceuticals and those from un-related industries, where new technologies were road-tested in order to really understand new technologies and accelerate their use.

Refining OE Solution with Vizion OE @ SPRC


Our customers told us they had KPIs, KOPs, Indicators, limit sets and targets scattered around too many systems and volatile spreadsheets. They just needed an application so that engineers and managers could define, update and monitor their decision critical indicators. We made the application called Vizion OE and incorporated the learnings from the early adopters who now have a pragmatic system, providing operational clarity that utilizes their existing PI System Infrastructure.