Vizion Products

Vizion Products is a suite of tools that help monitor, enhance and support various existing Operational Intelligence solutions. This suite of tools have been developed by IT Vizion based on years of listening and responding to the business needs of clients all over the world.

Centralized Metric Management

Finally, a simple and flexible centralized Metric Management System.
  • Data source agnostic > real-time + relational + manual
  • Create indicators for strategic objectives, sites, departments, functions, plant areas, roles, units or critical assets
  • Integrates with your historian and information model source
  • Focus on significant target deviations and limit exceptions
  • Monitor improvement over time
  • Records targets, limits and values in Vizion OE™ or your historian


An OSIsoft PI SystemTM starter pack for Manufacturing Intelligence

Get your OSIsoft PI SystemTM manufacturing solution up and running more quickly with Vizion Pack OEE.
Connect, configure, deploy.

Version 1 Features

  • Real-time OEE tracking
  • Hierarchical OEE monitoring
  • OEE by Product / Order / Shift / Time period
  • Time-to-fulfill prediction (Real-time)
  • Downtime Monitoring (DTM)
  • Order Fulfillment tracking

OSIsoft PI SystemTM Technology

  • PI Coresight
  • PI Asset Framework
  • Pi Event Frames
  • PI Data Archive
  • PI OLEDB Enterprise

Benefits of Vizion PACK

  • A quick start to your industrial OEE enterprise solution
  • Know when your campaign will end to help reduce lost time during changeovers
  • Shorter time to solution and value
  • Encapsulates Manufacturing Intelligence best practice
  • Best practice visualization templates
  • Reusable configuration, Calcs and templates
  • Leverage existing IT investments
  • Microsoft SQL server Reporting add-on
  • Scalable and adaptable

Domain Starter Pack

Connect to your existing data sources, Configure and Deploy.
  • Provides a starter set of refining modules for rapid application deployment
  • Short time-to-value

Proactive Solution Monitoring

VizionWatch monitors your OI solution (so you don’t have to)
  Proactive Monitoring

Critical system logs, overall system health, data connections

  Email Notifications

Get alerts on system errors containing what is needed to determine nature of event

  Interfaces with standard IT Monitoring Tools

Performance counters and errors are monitored by your preferred IT monitoring tools

Constant pursuit of Zero Harm, countering safety complacency.

  • Vizion HSE and PRM is derived from more than 17 years of delivering Operational Intelligence solutions to plants, refineries, and upstream facilities around the world
  • All too often we see a reactive lagging use of data that only presents information based on damage already done. To address this deficiency we developed Vizion HSE.
  • Vizion HSE is designed to make proactive use of your data to help anticipate high potential incidents that manifest during plant and process operation

  • No compromise on safety
  • Counter safety complacency
  • Continuously challenge safety behavior
  • Proactive use of disparate data to help improve HSE performance
  • Monitor Safe Operating Envelop and Integrity window excursion

  • Monitor effectiveness of safety barriers
  • Identify collective emerging operational risk
  • Identify risk impact of maintenance work/deferrals, operational changes
  • Increase visibility of safety programs and initiatives
  • Monitor impact of safety initiatives

Decision Critical Data. Anytime, Anywhere.

Access your Decision Critical Data Anywhere.

Get real-time insights into your Operations Intelligence solution on your preferred device