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Vizion OE

  • Posted by IT Vizion Marcom
  • On December 6, 2016


Enable Operational Excellence


  • All your performance metrics, indicators, limit sets and targets – intelligently organized

  • Leverages your OSIsoft PI System infrastructure and system of record to feed PI Vision or stand-alone dashboards
  • Concise Scorecards to show business health and help drive continuous improvement

  • HTML5 Web based forms to manually enter / update indicators, limits and target definitions

  • My Indicators dashboard mode – list of your indicators, status indication, link to detail view and analytics view

Our customers told us they had KPIs, KOPs, Indicators, limit sets and targets scattered around too many systems and volatile spreadsheets. They just needed an application so that engineers and managers could define, update and monitor their decision critical indicators. We made the application called Vizion OE and incorporated the learnings from the early adopters who now have a pragmatic system, providing operational clarity that utilizes their existing PI System Infrastructure.


A flexible Metric Management System: Data source agnostic > real-time + relational + manual


Key Problems with Metrics Systems

Spread over too many isolated systems

Based on Real-time OR Relational OR manual data

Poor timing – monthly, quarterly, annual

Lagging – damage already done

Corporate level yet no link to strategic objectives

Operational indicators no link to strategic objectives

No targets, limits or benchmarks

Not actionable, no weighted significance

No drill down for troubleshooting

Difficult to set-up, manage and maintain

Based on Real-time OR Relational OR manual data


From sensor to boardroom, in context

Indicator definitions, Limits, Targets and Benchmarks

Data source agnostic: real-time data + relational data +  ERP + manual entry data

Situational Awareness

Analytics to focus on target gaps

A simple, intuitive interface

No delay waiting for out-of-date reports

Decision Support

Create indicators for strategic objectives, sites, departments, functions, plant areas, roles, units, critical assets etc.

Focus on significant target deviations and limit exceptions

Monitor improvement over time

Highlight areas of inaction

Highlight ineffective action

Monitor impact of actions and investments


Introducing Vizion OE v2.0 Enhancements

My Indicators

Bad Actors Analytics

Data Validation Support

More data sources Historians (PI DA or AF) or Relational Data sources

Ownership models

User Configurable Dashboards – XHQ independent option