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The Role of Software in HSE

The Role of Software in HSE

The Role of Software in HSE

We heard this many times before. People, Process and Technology drive business and productivity. A significant amount of emphasis is placed on technology to improve productivity and results. Tools are a great thing. They make our life easier by automating tasks and help us solve complex problems. Process is important to assure tasks are done in an orderly manner with benevolence aforethought. It turns out that people are more important for results and productivity than both process and technology combined. This is not to say process and technology don’t contribute, because they do and significantly so.

Software and Health & Safety Management

So this brings up an interesting question. What is the role of software (technology and tools) in the HSE environment? Decisions and judgements are tempered by experience and the information we have at hand. Our experience and judgement is continuously updated by the information we receive. Software is critical in gathering information we need to render judgements on safety and improved operations. Software tools also allow insight into data patterns and trends so that we can see the bigger picture and hopefully with enough lead time to do something about it if headed in the wrong direction.

Areas where software helps HSE

  • Audits and assessments
  • Compliance Management
  • Process Management and Control
  • Environmental monitoring, measuring and reporting
  • Meeting Management
  • Incident Management
  • Risk Management
  • Third Party Management
  • Training

IT Vizion’s Solution for Operational Excellence and Safety

When it comes to optimizing processes and production of industrial plants in a safety framework, the challenge becomes one of information integration so as to gain timely insight to make the best decision for the situation. For Operational Excellence applications such as those provided by IT Vizion with the Vizion OE product, simple indicator management is essential for a quick understanding of the situation. In such cases, operators can manage their limit sets, business targets, operating envelopes etc., all on one page. This is refinery status at a glance and is easy to understand and comprehend.
Another key component on how software plays a role in HSE, is the automated impact weighted, deviation and excursion analytics capability so bad actors can easily be identified and action can be taken to resolve operational issues that cause divergence from Operational Excellence that includes safety. This also includes cross department leading indicators that can be grouped to highlight emerging operational risk.
Information insight that results from the integrated systems such as Vizion OE, permit timely decision making and increased productivity. We said earlier that People have the most impact on results and productivity. Focus on training, continuously challenging safety behavior and integrated safe system of work is absolutely essential for the technology and processes to perform well in your digitalization efforts. IT Vizion uses this type of holistic behavior in solving system wide problems that can take you further down the road to productivity and safe operations than point solutions can. It is this ability to work with and within existing systems with no need for infrastructure investment that provides for a short time to solution and improved safety. If you are mindful of the people, process and technology relationship, you can apply your efforts where most needed.
If you take away a few key points, they are:
• People are more impactful on productivity and results than process and technology combined. Continue to focus on safety behavior and the technology to support that behavior
• Simple Indicator management
• Harness data from all your environments and take a holistic view
• Integrating systems is easier and more economical now than before.
It is to your best advantage to leverage all the information you have at your disposal and to leverage the connections and interactions between all your information sets for safe and productive operations. Challenge your vendors through discovery sessions, demos and use cases with references to show you how they have integrated information and systems that are optimized for safety and productivity.
Learn more on the role of software in HSE and how IT Vizion can help you move closer to Operational Excellence.