Seeq Analytics for the many - a regional event overview

On June 9th, 2023,  IT Vizion, together with our partner Seeq, had the pleasure of hosting a regional event in Budapest, Hungary.

This regional event provided attendees with an opportunity to learn more about Seeq’s advanced analytics for process manufacturers.  There was an overview of the technology and examples from existing customers who presented their Seeq analytics use cases. Additionally, our guests had the opportunity to meet Seeq’s certified partner of the year, IT Vizion, and network with peers in the process industries from the central and eastern European region.

Agenda and presenters

  • Welcome – Zsolt Oros, Seeq
  • Awards for Seeq competition –  Nora Moldovanyi, Seeq
  • Seeq 101 – Morgan Bowling, Seeq
  • MOL Group presentation – Andras Buti, MOL Group
  • Monetising Seeq Analytics Use Cases – Darren Steele, IT Vizion
  • Seeq demo, golden batches, transitions and startups – Máté Haragovics, IT Vizion
  • Water Use Cases – Darren Steele, IT Vizion
  • Microsoft & Seeq (stronger together) – Andras Ferenczy, Microsoft
  • Conference Wrap-Up & Departure –  Darren Steele, George Skaryak and Zsolt Oros, IT Vizion & Seeq

Afterwards, there was a Seeq Hands-on Workshop, where many guests had the chance to test Seeq and learn more about it.


András Buti, MOL DR Automation & Process Intelligence Manager,  delivered an engaging presentation that highlighted the impact of Seeq’s advanced analytics capabilities on Slovnaft and MolGroup’s operations.

The implementation of Seeq’s capabilities has empowered MolGroup to gain invaluable insights and make data-driven decisions, leading to significant enhancements in operational efficiency and overall performance.

They have leveraged the power of Seeq to accurately predict necessary maintenance activities. Through analyzing historical data and utilizing machine learning algorithms, Seeq has enabled Slovnaft to identify patterns and anomalies that indicate potential valve failures. 

This proactive approach has allowed them to schedule maintenance activities in advance, thereby reducing downtime and significantly improving overall operational efficiency. 

If you want to download András’ full presentation, fill out the form. 

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