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Transforming IT Infrastructure for Hawaii's Premier Petroleum Supplier

Boosting Operational Efficiency and Employee Satisfaction Through Comprehensive IT Solutions


The client is the leading supplier of top-quality petroleum products in Hawaii, with a significant presence in logistics and retail operations. Known for their high-quality products and reliable service, the company plays a crucial role in meeting the region’s energy needs. They manage extensive logistics operations for efficient transportation and distribution of petroleum products and operate a network of retail outlets to ensure direct consumer access in Hawaii.


The client faced challenges with their Shift Turnover process and outdated IT infrastructure, impacting operational efficiency, data accuracy, and employee satisfaction. These inefficiencies hindered their ability to meet growing business demands and maintain high service standards.

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To tackle these challenges, we undertook a comprehensive IT infrastructure overhaul. This included:

  • Custom Application Development: We created a custom application for Shift Turnover to record operator tasks, tank information, timesheets, and standard operating procedures (SOPs).
  • Infrastructure Upgrades: We upgraded and optimized servers, virtual machines (VMs), hypervisors, and storage systems.
  • Mobile Device Management: We implemented Mobile Device Management (MDM) and application management via MS Intune policies to securely access organizational resources.


25% Increase in Operational Efficiencies

Centralized all documents, timesheets, and SOPs, streamlining the Shift Turnover process.

19% Improvement in Data Accuracy

Enhanced data accuracy through the custom application and optimized storage solutions.

30% Increase in Employee Satisfaction

Improved tools and streamlined processes resulted in higher employee satisfaction.

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