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Our operations consultants pair process improvement with innovative technology and help people understand why change needs to happen.


The time to get proactive about the workforce is now. We can help you drive results that make a meaningful impact on the bottom line within weeks not months.

Outsourcing Advisory

Strategic sourcing improves profitability, competitiveness, and flexibility. For our clients, that translates into millions, or billions in value.

Cost Reduction

Drive out cost now and for the long term at the speed required to impact EBITDA now.

Supply Chain

Improve competitiveness and performance by redesigning, digitizing, and optimizing your supply chain operations and unlock real value.

What We Do as Energy and Utilities Consultants

With deep experience across all sectors—electric, water, gas, clean energy technology, generation, transmission, and energy supply —we can help:

  • Set your strategy with confidence.

    Energy and utility transformation is accelerating while the regulatory landscape continues to evolve, with a particular focus on driving more efficient, clean, and reliable operations. We’re ready to help you move quickly to modernizing aging infrastructure - an imperative for all, especially as utilities face more and more extreme weather events and the increased demand for clean energy. Our experienced teams will help you navigate the increasingly complex regulatory environment and make the right moves to become more efficient, resilient, interactive, and agile.

  • Advance your journey to digital

    Utilities have long sought to integrate digital solutions using information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT). We’ve been working at the center of that for years, building reliable telecommunications infrastructure and implementing grid modernization solutions such as advanced distribution management systems (ADMS) or advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) to help our clients improve reliability, customer experience, and cost efficiencies, and enabling this transition through advanced fieldwork, digital asset management, and other capabilities.  But as intelligent grid technologies have advanced, so have customer expectations and regulatory requirements. Successful digital enablement is crucial to absorbing increased workloads resulting from this energy transition—and we’ve got that covered, too. We understand what it takes to be a successful utility in an increasingly digital world. And with end- to-end digital expertise, we can help you put all the right pieces together-starting with a data platform and strategy that allows you to leverage your exponential increase in data and realize value from it. At the same time, we make sure you have secure, cyber-resilience operations that protect utility assets, critical infrastructure, and the privacy of data and information.   Because performance starts with people, we’ll find ways to elevate your utility operations by automating activities that are costly or unproductive, while building a digital workplace and a next-generation workforce with critical digital skills. We also design distinctive digital customer experiences, powered by a utility-specific customer information platform that’s simple, intuitive, and engaging—with every click. Last but not least, we’ll help you foster a digital mindset, the most essential element of all for becoming a digital utility.

  • Accelerate your net-zero transformation

    The march toward carbon neutrality has begun. Our team—with deep industry specialists and multidisciplinary expertise in areas such as human-centered design, technology, analytics, and change management—is ready to lead. We bring the strategic decarbonization experience, particularly in the areas of distributed energy resources (DERs) and transportation electrification—as well as the tools for bringing strategy to life.  Drawing on our work with a broad range of utilities, we can assist at every step—from analyzing the business case to developing win-win DER Programs and transportation electrification programs, to engaging customers with compelling education tools like our first-of-its-kind Electric Vehicle (EV) fleet total-cost-of-ownership platform.  As your DER portfolio grows, you’ll need the capabilities to manage it. We’ll help you establish a DER management system (DERMS) strategy and roadmap—tapping our repository of DERMS functional and technical requirements to select the right vendor and tool for your operations. Our team will stay in the trenches with you to the end, guiding efficient deployment and facilitating all the organizational changes required for a successful DER operating model.

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