OSIsoft PI AF - the Key to
Operational Clarity

Fast Implementation & High Reliability

Our PI AF integration experts can help you safely and efficiently implement and/or upgrade your PI System, so that your industrial data gets easily translated to each person, function or application

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Rely on IT Vizion’s years of deep domain expertise to fully maximize OSIsoft PI AF benefits

OSIsoft’s PI SystemTM captures operational data from sensors, manufacturing equipment and other devices and transforms it into information streams that can be used to reduce costs, optimize production or make critical decisions.

Worldwide, more than 1.5 billion sensor-based data streams are managed by the PI System. If you are considering implementing the PI System with Asset Framework (PI AF) to manage your operational data, make sure you work with the right partner that understands your specific industry.

How Asset Framework (AF) can help your
asset management:

  • The integration of the OSIsoft best-in-class time-series database  with a model of assets makes operational intelligence possible
  • AF is a data integration component that closes the gap between multiple technologies and between disparate systems
  • AF’s capability to natively handle hierarchy models helps users to manage all company assets
  • AF provides users with the capability to compute Analytics that can be used to improve performance
  • AF allows placing data in context, allowing users to immediately understanding what is displayed and how assets are related.  This enables rapid response to process and equipment abnormal conditions
  • AF enforces standards – Names, Unit of Measurement (UoM), references
  • AF models support multiple perspectives such as location, equipment type, etc.
  • AF includes tools for automatically distributing changes to other systems
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