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Vizion HSE&PRM

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  • Vizion HSE and PRM is derived from more than 17 years of delivering Operational Intelligence solutions to plants, refineries, and upstream facilities around the world
  • All too often we see a reactive lagging use of data that only presents information based on damage already done. To address this deficiency we developed Vizion HSE.
  • Vizion HSE is designed to make proactive use of your data to help anticipate high potential incidents that manifest during plant and process operation

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  • No compromise on safety
  • Counter safety complacency
  • Continuously challenge safety behavior
  • Proactive use of disparate data to help improve HSE performance
  • Monitor Safe Operating Envelop and Integrity window excursion

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  • Monitor effectiveness of safety barriers
  • Identify collective emerging operational risk
  • Identify risk impact of maintenance work/deferrals, operational changes
  • Increase visibility of safety programs and initiatives
  • Monitor impact of safety initiatives

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Proactive use of data to help reduce operational risk and anticipate High Potential Incidents

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