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Keep your XHQ System​ up-to-date and go mobile​

Keep your XHQ System​ up-to-date and go mobile​

New version of XHQ available. We can help you upgrade

​Contact IT Vizion to arrange your Siemens XHQ upgrade to v5.0.0.2.
Applying the latest patches and versions means that your system ​and its data are as secure as possible. With v5.0.0.2, situational awareness is no longer restricted to your desktop. Upgrade today and go mobile with HTML5 content!
As Siemens’ most trusted XHQ Solution Partner, IT Vizion can help you upgrade. We will ensure a protected IT environment to run your devices, according to Siemens’ operational guidelines. We are serving clients all over the world, due to our unique level of product knowledge and domain expertise, along with a demonstrated competence in providing end-to-end Lifecycle Management for XHQ Solutions.

About XHQ

XHQ software ​integrates your operational and business data. For more than 1​5​ years, Siemens XHQ is the world’s leading Operations Intelligence platform, providing true integration of upstream and downstream data from disparate systems and delivering value to ​energy and continuous process ​co​mpanies across the world. The solution provides maximum information value​ with integrated decision support.​