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Siemens Process Automation & Control Engineering User Group 2016

This week, our VP of Sales&Marketing, Darren Steele, will be speaking at the Siemens Process Automation & Control Engineering User Group 2016. This conference is a GB&I network of Siemens users who regularly meet to discuss and exchange best practice information.
SPACE UG brings together representatives from all of the main GB&I Process Industry sectors of Chemical, Food & Beverage, Glass, Pharmaceutical, Power and Oil & Gas. The purpose is to provide a link between the vendors and the users, enabling the opportunity for direct feedback into the development path of the platform.
As Siemens XHQ Solution Partners, we will be presenting a session on “Siemens XHQ Operations Intelligence & Industrial Decision Support”. This session begins on Thursday, April 14, at 3:30p.m at the The Royal York Hotel, York . Using real life use cases, this breakout session will introduce Siemens XHQ for operations intelligence and the benefits of this approach including creation of data transparency, empowerment in the decision making process and overall improvements in efficiency.
For additional questions regarding our IT solutions and services for Process Industries, stop by to speak to Darren or connect with us at We look forward to connecting with you all this week!