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IT Vizion at the Siemens Digiweek Industry 2018

IT Vizion at the Siemens Digiweek Industry 2018

The digital transformation in the Oil & Gas industry cannot be denied or postponed. There is talk about it literally everywhere.
But how can you achieve it? Join us at the Digiweek Industry in Singapore and make sure you seize the benefits of digitalization today. Darren Steele from IT Vizion and Tobias Botzenhardt from Siemens will be speaking about the XHQ software on the Process day (May 24). Their lecture will unfold how XHQ helps industrial companies go from all types of data to the right decision making, by automating processes, reducing inefficiencies and waste, as well as creating more efficient operations.
We are looking forward to meeting you in Singapore at the Siemens Center.
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