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Reliability and Maintenance Analytics

Reliability and Maintenance Analytics

Many Oil and Gas companies are faced with the challenge to reduce maintenance cost.
Factors to consider include how they can:

  • Reduce Unplanned Outages
  • Reduce Unnecessary Work
  • Improve Effectiveness and Scheduling
  • Extend Intervals
  • Find out our Bad Actors
  • Track Improvements

In our Vizion RAMP solution, we share a pragmatic approach to transforming data into insight for decision support in the areas of – Reliability, Availability, Maintenance and Performance (RAMP).
We have also included best practice Oil and Gas examples on how to:

  • Foster continuous reliability improvement with pragmatic use of data
  • Counter reliability complacency by identifying emerging risks
  • Identify equipment bad actors
  • Allow for enterprise wide coverage of asset health

What can I do with my Maintenance Data?

For an example of maintenance performance and analytics, check out our Vizion RAMP video or contact us to arrange for a live demo.


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