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This is a 3 part series of Whitepaper “A Reference Architectural for Energy and Manufacturing Companies” by Mario Brenes. Mario has over 30+ years experience in delivering Industrial IT applications on Operations Intelligence, SCADA and DCS for major oil companies and Fortune 500 companies worldwide.
In our whitepaper, we will be specifically looking at problems that exist in the Industrial IT domain of Manufacturing and Energy companies and presenting some architectural considerations in defining a possible reference architecture.
Today, information systems are designed to allow humans to make better decisions. These decisions and their implications depend on the hierarchy of systems being used.
Generally, but not in all cases, the strategic and business value of decisions increases as one goes up the hierarchy. This is a general case as there are also cases in which an improperly made decision at the lower levels, also referred to as the controls systems, can cause the destruction of assets and even the loss of lives. In most cases though, decisions taken at the top levels can affect multiple plants, divisions, etc. and hence in this case, are placed at a higher level.
In the manufacturing and energy industry, it is crucial to improve data timeliness for strategic business decisions to be made in real-time. Data timeliness and relevancy is important to users at all levels, from plant to corporate employees. Providing the right people with the right information at the right time will empower the users to gain valuable insights and better manage their operations.
In IT Vizion , we make it our business to provide users with customized Business to Real-Time (B2RT) solutions to execute their jobs efficiently.