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The dawn of a new era

This is part 3 of a 3 part series of our Whitepaper – “A Reference Architectural for Energy and Manufacturing Companies” by Mario Brenes. Mario has over 30+ years experience in delivering Industrial IT applications on Operations Intelligence, SCADA and DCS for major oil companies and Fortune 500 companies worldwide.
In a world in which industrial giants may be considered as “fat, unhealthy, and damaging to the environment”, these companies are perhaps viewed not the most attractive place for employment as compared to Google, Facebook, or Twitter.
Approximately in one to two decades, corporations will experience a dramatic change in the workforce that will necessitate a more “quality” lifestyle. For instance, the “millennials” — the younger generation inhabiting the corporate work space — will want to workout in the middle of the afternoon or complete their eight-hour day in a more unstructured manner.
To attract this workforce, corporations will need to transform their information systems such that information is easily found and presentable in a more familiar form. Information is going to be needed to be found with the ease of a Google search. Mobile devices, which are now an integral part of a millennial’s gadgets, can immediately be used to take care of emergencies while they are out for their afternoon workout.
This presents both a challenge and an opportunity. The challenge is implementing these newer technologies while guarding intellectual property and ensuring data security. The opportunity is to attract tech savvy employees who have been playing with such tools in their colleges. Industrial companies who accept this challenge become attractive alternatives to the next Google, Facebook or Twitter.