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OSIsoft PI System

OSIsoft PI System

  • Posted by IT Vizion Marcom
  • On December 6, 2016

IT Vizion is an expert in Business to Real-time (B2RT) Industrial IT/OT solutions. We work with the OSIsoft PI System and other Industrial IT-related systems every day, to help our clients meet their infrastructure, operational and strategic goals.

Timely access to decision critical data requires a reliable data infrastructure.  IT Vizion’s intimate knowledge of raw data sources and the OSIsoft suite of applications (ProcessBook, Asset Framework, Cloud Connect, Integrator, Notifications, etc.), we can ensure that your PI System (or Server) is optimized and configured to extract full value from the real-time data. Rely on our deep domain knowledge,  AF Modeling expertise, coupled with our data visualization skills to rapidly convert your operational data needs into competitive value.

INTRODUCING our OEE solution based on OSIsoft PI


Get your OSIsoft PI SystemTM manufacturing solution up and running more quickly with Vizion Pack OEE. Connect, configure, deploy

 Real-time OEE tracking

 Hierarchical OEE monitoring

 OEE by Product / Order / Shift / Time period

 Time-to-fulfill prediction (Real-time)

 Downtime Monitoring (DTM)

 Order Fulfillment tracking

Leveraging PI AF as the Master Asset Model in Sinclair Oil’s Digital Transformation Journey

Watch our presentation at the OSIsoft PI EMEA Users Conference

This case study shows how one organization has rapidly moved to achieving leading industry levels of performance by simply taking an all-inclusive long term perspective and leveraging existing processes and technologies. It covers the key activities and critical success factors of their roadmap from definition of governing principles to the actual implementation of the final delivered solution.