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Vizion OE now available on the OSIsoft Marketplace

Vizion OE now available on the OSIsoft Marketplace

Press Release

IT Vizion’s Operational Excellence Solution Vizion OE now available on the OSIsoft Marketplace

It Vizion are delighted to announce that our platform for Operational Excellence, Vizion OE, is now available on the newly launched OSIsoft Marketplace.
Vizion OE drives efficiency and operational improvement with timely access to operational metrics,  simplifying performance management process, reducing the need for volatile spreadsheets and non-value added work associated with tedious and repetitive data preparation.
Vizion OE provides an easy to use system to define, monitor and manage your operational indicators, limits and targets.  The platform removes the manual data burden and delays associated with traditional performance reporting,  Vizion OE  leverages your OSIsoft Pi System infrastructure and system of record, continuously analyzing PI System data and reporting operational bad actors.  Vizion OE  identifies deviations from your excellence targets,  providing even more operational clarity and insight from your data.
OSIsoft’s core product, the PI System, is one of the world’s most widely-used technologies for the Industrial Internet of Things. The PI System captures data from sensors, manufacturing equipment and other devices and transforms it into rich, real-time insights that everyone in your company (engineers, executives and partners) can read and use to reduce costs and improve overall productivity.
The OSIsoft Marketplace is an online collection of software and hardware solutions for accelerating digital transformation for the industrial world. It is the single place to discover applications, services & connectivity that maximize the value of your PI System. From system integrators to service providers, visualization tools to advanced analytics, the Marketplace will make it easy to discover, compare and connect to the people and tools that complement and enhance the capabilities of your PI System.