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IT Vizion's Operating Window app released

IT Vizion's Operating Window app released

Press Release

August 1st 2018, Corona, California — IT Vizion extends its suite of Operational Intelligence applications with Vizion OW.
Vizion OW is a Plant Operating Window application that is used to help reduce the risk to people, plant and profit.
It enables plants to setup and manage operating envelopes for various aspects of operations, including Process Windows, Reliability Windows and Safety Envelopes.  Once established, the application integrates with plant data to monitor the overall operating condition of industrial assets and processes.
This professional tool enables plant personnel to avoid catastrophes by managing and reacting to operating window and envelope excursions, yielding enhanced safety, environment compliance, reliability and operations.
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Why Vizion OW?

Monitoring operating conditions of modern-day manufacturing assets is increasingly difficult, time-consuming and expensive, particularly, as the level of manufacturing automation rises to address an ever-growing level of process complexity. The amount of data being generated in an automated facility is simply not manageable using traditional tools and techniques. All too often, a facility suffers a setback, whether it be safety, reliability, environment or financially-related. This is caused not by the lack of data, but by the ill-timed presentation of the operating situational data.
…with all the data we have, why didn’t we see it coming?
Investigation after investigation reveal, in many cases, that facilities actually have on hand the necessary data to avoid incidents.  What is lacking is the timely access to the decision critical data.
All manufacturers in the digital era need to see and react to the overall operating condition of a facility’s assets, without having to dedicate enormous resources to tracking tens of thousands of data points continuously. What is needed is a means to aggregate the monitoring of collections of critical data points into a higher-level presentation of the operating condition. And this needs to happen at the asset level, rather than generating individual alerts on elements such as temperatures, pressures and flows in a vessel.
Furthermore, a facility would considerably benefit from this monitoring occuring unattended and continuously, 24/7.

What does the Operating Window System do?

Vizion OW satisfies these needs in a comprehensive solution that is unlike other process monitoring tools that claim to address these needs. Most other tools actually have rather limited monitoring capabilities, as they mostly automate low-level monitoring. Unfortunately, such other tools generate lots of noise in terms of alerts, without significant context. The Operating Windows System we offer, on the other hand, aggregates relevant data tags into envelopes and alerts at a much higher contextual level, say at that of an equipment asset or a system, rather than at the simple instrument level. It methodically compares current process conditions against the design limits of the equipment, the safe operating limits of the process, and various applicable environmental limits. And this analysis is done every 30-to-60 seconds, 24 hours a day, every day, for hundreds of pieces of equipment, using thousands of process tags.  
operating window app Vizion OW release
More than monitoring, Vizion OW also enables and supports a manufacturing facility in the performance of 3 critical condition monitoring processes:

  • the creation and management of operating envelopes;
  • the monitoring of the manufacturing process using operating envelopes;
  • the recording and handling of excursions detected beyond the boundaries of an operating envelope.

IT Vizion is ideally positioned to deliver the Operating Envelope System. Its background and experience working with high-resolution process data in major manufacturing facilities around the world provides a firm foundation upon which to deliver this next-generation operating condition monitoring capability.

A Vizion OW case study – preventing loss of containment

Upon implementation of this new application for an important chemicals manufacturer in the US, they caught a repeated transient vacuum condition on their acetic acid tanks.
Acetic acid is a versatile, common chemical with a pungent odor, that is used for a variety of purposes. It is highly corrosive to the skin and eyes and can cause several other health problems for the people who work near it if it isn’t stored and handled correctly.
The situation was that the tanks holding the chemical were not rated for vacuum, yet, intermittently a vacuum condition would present itself. The previous system in place detected the event, but because it cleared automatically, and because it happened intermittently, the event never hit the “top-ten” nor was reported as a problem – no one looked at it seriously over a long period of time. IT Vizion’s operating windows tool, however, detected and recorded the vacuum excursions in the context of a design limit violation which prompted an investigation and led, in this case, to re-engineering the tank’s pressure control valve complex to ensure the vacuum condition would not occur again.
Find out what Vizion OW can do for YOUR plant!


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