Finally, advanced analytics software that truly understands process manufacturing data.

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SEEQ – Let the machines tell you when they need help!

As a partner of SEEQ, we are excited to offer a new breed of predictive analytics solution that automatically detects and annunciates impending equipment failures. SEEQ enables manufacturers to predict asset health, optimize maintenance and plant operations, increase production availability, and enable a predictive maintenance and operations strategy.

Fortune 100 manufacturing & process companies have selected SEEQ

Our SEEQ promise is to help improve asset performance and reduce maintenance cost with our maintenance intelligence platform in the following industries.

water companies

Water & WasteWater

mining companies


oil and gas companies

Oil & Gas

pharmaceutical companies


Optimize Plant Assets

SEEQ’s Industrial Internet uses machine learning to gather and analyze “big data” from networked sensor signals to share learned behavior between machines to adjust operations and maintenance activities. By communicating failure signatures to one another, machines increase their tribal knowledge for greater uptime.

Predict & Prevent Equipment Failure

SEEQ’s machine learning identifies precise failure signatures warning of impending problems well before failure occurs. This allows machines to schedule their own maintenance directly with the asset management system. Maintenance decision support is optimized combining a “bottom-up” and “top-down” approach.

Rapid and Reliable Data Connectivity

Collectively, the SEEQ Connectivity Kit supports drivers to most systems and data devices on your plant and helps to simplify connecting and moving data between Mtell and third-party systems. MIMOSA and OPC open standards provide the pillars for all connectivity supplying rapid risk free data integration.

The SEEQ advantage

• Predictive health monitoring of industrial equipment
• Automated machine learning analysis of massive amounts of data
• Visibility into plant floor and maintenance data
• Synergy between Operations Technology and IT