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Making Metrics Matter with Vizion OE

Making Metrics Matter with Vizion OE

December 4th 2015, Corona, California – IT Vizion Inc, experts in Operational Intelligence and Industrial decision support, announced the release of Vizion OE v1.0.
Vizion OE is a new kind of metric management system that consolidates, centralizes and simplifies business and operational indicators. Vizion OE also provides impact weighted monitoring of target deviations and limit excursions. Vizion OE is designed to deal with a wide variety of inputs and data at different volumes and velocities, providing simple access to critical decision support metrics.
Darren Steele, Director of Sales & Marketing for IT Vizion said “KPIs and metrics system at many plants fail due to a variety of reasons. At the system level, some applications only use relational data, others only handle real-time data and some will not allow manually entered values. Some systems have no concept of limits, targets or benchmarks, whilst others require a monolithic data warehouse that takes many years to develop and then you get monthly metric updates, by which time the damage is already done. Over the years we have seen many deficiencies in business indicator systems often leaving “nice-to-have” conclusions and frustration, we have listened to our customers and developed a COTS solution that aims to make metrics matter and help customers be Operationally Excellent”.
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