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Discover Your Real Blend Giveaway

Typically, blend related data is stored in disparate software systems. Although specialist software systems are used to control the actual blend during its cycle, there is value and insight in providing automated analysis of multiple blends by grade.

Here are some potential considerations that affect the ability and function of such point solutions:

  • Is the refinery plan correct?
  • Are you using the right values in your LPs, blend planning tools or single blend optimizers?
  • Are there other hidden costs incurred in achieving your blend quality? For example, changing blend line-ups, lost blending time or inventory costs.
  • What is the impact of process disturbance or unplanned maintenances?

Such issues can distort the calculation and reporting of giveaway loss, re-blend loss, margin values and the actual blend profit versus planned blend profit.

What can I do with my blend data?

For an example of blend analytics, watch our 2 minute blend sample solution or contact us to arrange for an onsite discovery meeting.