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Introducing our new utility tool: Config Machina

  • Posted by Darren Steele
  • On May 25, 2020

Simplify model and configuration analysis.

Enterprise operational intelligence and data visualization solutions can be complex, with many end-users and a lot of content. Having worked on many solutions with many customers, our engineers designed and created a tool to help simplify the management, support, and usage of the solutions. The tool is called Config Machina!

Unlock more value from your solution, increase user adoption, and simplify solution analysis:

1 Solution Search

Config Machina provides a searchable reference for the solution so that you can easily find what you are looking for.

2 Quality Control

Configuration degrades over time and sometimes new configuration may be sub-optimal or contain errors. The Config Machina tool provides a basis for identifying rogue configuration.

3 Version Control

Solution configurations are exported for storage and serve as a record of solution state.

4 Solution Auditing and Testing

Auditing and testing solutions can be arduous and time-consuming, Config Machina reduces the burden by cataloging the solution for simplified solution search and analysis.

5 Table of contents

A complimentary set of customizable views are provided including a table of contents so that your users can quickly navigate to their content of interest and have cross solution visibility of other views and content


Please contact us today to arrange a demo to see how the Config Machina can be used to improve the quality of, and derive more value from, your solutions.