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Everyone Has A Plan Until…

Everyone Has A Plan Until…

Everyone Has A Plan Until…

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth”, Mike Tyson.

I was checking out Bill Gross’s TED talk, ‘The single biggest reason why startups succeed’ and at the point where Bill quoted Mike Tyson, it occurred to me that Mike’s, and of course Bill’s, insight could be applied to how we help Oil and Gas companies use Operational Intelligence and Analytics to avoid punches.

Journeyman or a Contender

Plant and Enterprise Operational Intelligence solutions should pretty much show you when your business is being punched in the face, how often, what by, why, how much damage is dealt, what can be done about it, are we doing anything about it and are our counter actions effective.

We never saw it coming… avoiding wild swings and low blows

You can equate a telegraphed punch to predictive analytics, giving your team sufficient time to take action to avoid the potential knockout blow to your business plan. But how do you know what action to take without Operational Intelligence?

The Counter Puncher

The sway back, snap back, inside slip, outside slip, the parry, the dip, the roll, the elbow block, the intelligent boxer will have numerous defensive and counter skills but what action should you take? If you are backed up in a corner or against the ropes, some defenses and counter moves may not be possible. So the question really is, what action could be taken to avoid the operational loss that comes with a standing eight count?

Praying Mantis or Canvas Kid?

There is also a case for using Operational Intelligence solutions to help stop you going anywhere near the boxing ring in the first place by:
1) Indicating where plant optimization systems are not doing their jobs and
2) Providing early warning of emerging risk in your plant operation etc…

Does your Operational Intelligence solution help you
do more than just roll with the punches?