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Vizion Watch

Monitoring for Siemens XHQ and OSIsoft PI system

Vizion Watch proactively scans
your Operational Intelligence systems

(so you don’t have to)


Avoid surprises with Vizion Watch!

Offered as:

  • Part of our solution support offering
  • A stand-alone product
  • Cloud or premise based install

OI Solution Support Challenges

✗ Critical system downtime means high business impact
✗ Manual Monitoring of log files is a burden and Muda (wasteful)
✗ End-users often identify issues first
✗ User Trust impacted
✗ Unidentified issues can exacerbate and cause more disturbance
✗ Quality of development work
✗ Ripple effect of changes to data sources
✗ Ripple effect of changes to network / infrastructure
✗ OI solutions often expose poor data quality issues with data sources

Benefits of


✓ Minimize surprises and unplanned system outages
✓ Identify emerging issues before end-users see them
✓ Reduce data quality issues
✓ Build greater user confidence
✓ Simple install on server
✓ Simple, intuitive interface to monitor all potential issues
✓ Use your own IT monitoring infrastructure and tools to monitor system health
✓ Hierarchical view of XHQ cache collections



Proactive Monitoring and Analytics of:
✓ Solution & system log files: OSIsoft PI System™, Siemens XHQ, Oracle,
Microsoft IIS & Windows etc.
✓ Overall health of Operations Intelligence systems
✓ Data collections and connections
Interfaces with your IT Monitoring Infrastructure and Tools
✓ Performance counters
✓ Ability to send errors to Event Logs
Notifications via Email:
✓ System errors and malfunctions
✓ Performance counters deviations (vs limits set)
✓ Detected flags in log files (Error, Warning, Tag Sync) and Oracle logs