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Are you sweeping your Blend Giveaway under the carpet?

Blend Giveaway Analytics

Blend Giveaway at a single refinery is often estimated to be worth millions of dollars each year. Although there are specialist software systems such as blend ratio controllers and blend property controllers that are used to control actual blend operations during their cycle, there is scope to perform post blend analytics to determine the cumulative blend giveaway from ones refineries. I like to call this a data epiphany.

Siemens XHQ’s Operations Intelligence

Blend analytics is just one of many capabilities that Siemens XHQ®’s Operations Intelligence provides. Since 2001, XHQ has uniquely provided analysis of multiple blends across numerous blend campaigns for major oil companies.
Typically, blend related data is stored in disparate software systems. Through XHQ’s information model, lab sample, inventory, production, real-time, maintenance, shift log data, etc. has been integrated into the model. This enables users to analyze and troubleshoot blend performance from either a single refinery or across multiple refineries.
XHQ views are structured with an inherent drill down from an overall analytics dashboard allowing users to access details of a particular blend and its associated information. The more advanced blend analytics applications provide an indication of the cumulative monetized Blend Giveaway associated with their factors.

Blend giveaway factors include:
  • Producing blends that are above the desired and contracted product grade specification
  • Addition of expensive, high octane and additives to bring blended product up to the contractual specification
  • Re-blending of products that are significantly below specification
  • Unplanned outages of blend equipment such as Online Analyzers
  • Fluctuations in component and crude composition
Fostering Continuous Improvement

Such analytics fosters greater collaboration and continuous improvement for Blend Action teams across multiple refineries with a web-based interface. Thus, it enables blend comparisons and performance benchmarking across refineries.

It is often said that you cannot improve what you do not measure.

So the pivotal question is as follows: Do you really know how much blend giveaway you have?

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